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Join us at Basketique for Afternoon Tea 
Reservations Required

Relax with a pot of tea and an assortment of tea sandwiches and condiments; finish up with a bit of our delicious chocolates and other sweets.
$30.00 per person
(tax & gratuity included)

Ala Carte ~
Cup of Tea ~ $2.50
Pot of Tea ~ $5.00
Savories & Sweets ~ Priced as Marked

Basketique began as a custom gift basket shop. As the economy slowed in that regard, Pat received the appropriate licensing to serve & demonstrate all the wonderful gourmet foods that might go into a gift basket. With the help of "The Tea Table", by Shelley & Bruce Richardson, the little book that became an inspiration and great resource, high tea lunch was served! The idea was to use the products that we sell in the shop and create a beautiful dining experience. PG Tips, a hearty and robust British tea blend, became the favored beverage served hot with milk and Demerara raw brown sugar cubes.

Keeping in mind that some items served are seasonal and/or subject to availability, an example for a standard fare might be:
1st Course--Cold Soup, Assortment of Condiments, such as gourmet salsas, muffuletta mix, cheese straws, imported chips;
2nd Course--Prince William Fish & Chips (a tribute to Prince William & Kate's Royal Wedding): cucumber sandwich with goat butter & watercress, salmon pate on poppyseed crackers, beet-topped deviled ham & orange marmalade sandwich;
3rd Course--Seasonal Fresh Fruit Salad, Imported Applesauce and Cottage Cheese;
4th Course--Varied Assortment of Tea Sandwiches, such as egg salad, chicken salad, lettuce with pickled carrot and asparagus wrapped in boiled ham & baby swiss cheese, pumpkin-butter & sliced apple on pecan-dipped cinnamon-raisin bread;
5th Course--Scones with Clotted Cream & Gourmet Jellies;
6th Course--Petit Fours, Key Lime Tarts, Gourmet Swiss Chocolate Hand-Dipped Strawberries.

We believe that our tea experience is a ceremonial occasion. We serve this exquisite presentation on beautiful linens, both old and new, with silverware, crystal and china handed down to me from beloved family members. Please relax, feed your body and soul, and enjoy!*

Fancy Nancy Teas

For our younger guests, we love hosting a "celebration" (which is a fancy way of saying a party). These young patrons get to learn about etiquette (fancy word for polite manners) and ensembles (which is fancy for describing the clothes that are worn). The book, "Fancy Nancy", is read and usually a craft depictng a portion of the story is completed. The food is also from the menu suggested in the book and is quite "fancy". Birthdays, friends' socials, or rewards for good behavior and school work are examples of the perfect opportunity for a Fancy Nancy Tea Party. We also offer an Alice in Wonderland Tea Party choice. Schedule your next storybook tea at Over the Second Cup Tea Room!*

*Because we buy & prepare our food according to the number of guests in the reservation, cancellations on the day of the party will incur a charge to the hostess. We will, however, do our best to put together a take-home package.


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